How to make German potato pancakes

When I am homesick, I tend to try out German recipes, that I learnt from my late mum.

One recipe, that I miss a lot, is called potato pancake. It is a Westphalian dish.

It is not difficult to make. But it is much easier, if you have a food processor.

If you do not have one, you could make do with a traditional grater. However, grating the potatoes will be not as speedy and you have to be careful with your hands.


First, I peeled the potatoes. Then I chopped them into the size, that was needed to put them into the food processor. However, if you use a handgrater, it is advisable not to make them any smaller. Watch on YouTube, how it works. It is really fast.

Once grated, you have to season the mixture with a pinch of salt. If you add a little bit of vinegar, the potato mixture will not become brown that soon. It is a matter of taste, but you can also add a grated medium sized onion.

Stir the mixture, add some plain flour, some eggs and ensure that the mixture is not not too fluid. I recommend 2-3 table spoons of flours, 2-3 medium sized eggs for about 6-7 medium sized potatoes.

Make sure, that you use older potatoes. Young potatoes have too much liquid and when you want to fry the potato mixture, it can be quite unpleasant. The hot oil can splash and burn your skin.

You have to heat up plenty of oil in the frying pan. But be careful! Then you add the potato mixture and make up three heaps, that you flatten with a spatula afterwards. Make sure, that the hot oil is underneath the mixture. Otherwise the desired potato pancake might stick to the pan afterwards.


Now turn down  the heat to medium heat. Do not leave the workplace! Watch the frying process closely! Once the potato pancakes are brown and crisps, turn them over.


Traditionally, Germans serve the hot potato pancakes with apple sauce. I used homemade apple sauce with apples, that I harvested last year in our garden.


I felt wonderful, after I ate my potato pancakes. I did not feel one bit homesick anymore. My husband enjoyed the meal,too.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Die Liebe geht durch den Magen.